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In fact, our story is quite long, starting from a bench on an area of ​​1 square meter in almost every district of Istanbul, spreading over thousands of square meters, a giant business, the return of a dream to the reality of thousands of customers at every hour of the day offers a warm and fresh tastes.

Here we go ...

Calendars 1983 year, we started to sell bagels on a small bench. We opened our first bagel factory in the district Unkapanı.

We started to sell our warmer bagels to our customers more freshly.

We started to produce delicious pastries and trenches in the morning when we were only selling bagels. You loved it so much that you no longer just wanted to buy bagels. We made cakes for you, we made pitas, we made delicious pizzas that we were jealous of.

Don't worry, our craftsmen in the kitchen are constantly working to create new tastes and make the most perfect

We are growing ...

Our guests were whispering us from ear to ear, telling us about our tastes, our Fındıkzade branch alone was not sufficient enough. Mecidiyeköy Fulya in 2006, Mecidiyeköy Gökfiliz in 2009 and finally Yusufpaşa branches in 2010, we continued to grow.

In December 2014, the number of our branches became 13;

We will grow more ...

We will continue to add new branches to our existing branches so that everyone can taste our tastes.